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The Nest Quality Home Décor Consignments

Among our many offerings, Nest on Main carries mid-to-high end furniture, home decor and accessories on consignment.

Whether you’re moving, renovating, downsizing or just looking to change up your style, consignment can provide the perfect solution.

At Nest on Main, we carry a wide variety of styles for every price point. Our 3,000 SF marketplace allows us the space for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces with a mix of new and old, antique, vintage, up cycled treasures and so much more.

"I love older things that people have used and cherished. They have personality, character and soul."
Anna Hillegass

Details You Should Know

We Seek Only Quality Crafted Items

We accept high quality furniture and home décor from private homes, model homes, estate sales, furniture retailers closeouts and design studios. All items must be attractive in new, like-new, or excellent condition.

We Have a Critical Eye for Selection

The items we take on consignment should be ready to sell. This means clean, stain, dirt and dust free and not in need of any repair.

You Get Paid When We Get Paid

We always strive to get maximum value for our consignors and will work with you as much as possible on pricing each piece. Supporting documentation or receipts are always helpful, but not necessary. In the case of antiques, values can fluctuate based on timing and demand. Once your item is sold, a payment by check will be issued to you, typically the first week of the month following the sale.

Our Consignment Process

If you’re interested in consigning with us:

  1. Submit our CONSIGNMENT REQUEST FORM with your contact details and information about the item(s), including photos.
  2. Upon review of your request, you will receive an email from us within 5-7 business days stating which, if any, items we can accept.
  3. We will schedule an agreed upon drop off date and time for the item(s) to be dropped of at the Nest on Main. If you are unable to deliver the accepted items yourself, we can arrange to have our movers to pick them up at a nominal charge (to be estimated at that time).
  4. Complete our Consignment Agreement and we’re ready to go!

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