Ma Belle Maison

Lois Howe

French inspired finds from yesterday and today.

What inspired you to start your business?

How lucky am I that I get to combine travel and shopping! My husband, Bruce, and I are fortunate to have friends in France that we get to visit regularly. We have found lots of hidden gems in the southwest region where we've met some wonderful people and found lots of goodies to bring back to Nest. I always try to offer things that are fun as well as affordable. 

What makes your house a home?

Our home has always been a place that we like to feel cozy and welcoming and an escape from the outside world. I think it's important to mix high and low, whether it be a collection of shells collected on the beach in an antique French dough bowl with great patina or some flowers cut from the garden in old English sterling trophy.

Why did you choose to be part of the Nest? :)

After selling my garden business I felt the itch to still do something creative and be with others who inspire me. Nest has some of the greatest talented people you'll find anywhere and everyone is super supportive.

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