Kate Sydney Jewelry

Kate Sydney

Striking natural gemstones housed in handcrafted settings made with precious metals.

What inspired you to start your business?

I always had a creative mind filled with ideas I wanted to bring to life. Jewelry was my medium from the beginning (I started designing and crafting earrings when I was twelve). I could see what I wanted to happen in my mind’s eye and gems and metals were components to make that happen.

What makes your house a home?

The people inside my house make it a home. But also, the lovingly collected pieces of furniture and art, which are reflections of our unique brand of creativity. 

Why did you choose to be part of the Nest? :)

I love Nest for so many reasons: The community of artists, artisans, and entrepreneurs that has come together in the space; the incredible curation of pieces on display at Nest; and the opportunity to showcase my work in a beautiful space, which prioritizes people who own and run their own businesses. 

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Monday - Saturday

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135 Main St, Northport, NY


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